BRAND NEW Empire Olympic Rubber Grip Plates

BRAND NEW Empire rubber covered iron plate sets.  Full commercial grade, high-end, top quality plates. They are simply beautiful!!

245 lb. sets:         **OUT OF STOCK**
Set includes pairs of 45’s, 35’s, 25’s, 10’s, 5 lb., 2.5 lb. plates 

45 lb. pairs:          **OUT OF STOCK**

Starter Set:          **OUT OF STOCK**
Set includes pairs of 35’s, 25’s, 10’s, 5 lb. plates 


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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starter set 35s 25s 10s 5s, 245 lb. plate set pairs 45s 35s 25s 10s 5s 2.5s, 45 lb. pairs