Highlighting Five of the Most Popular Pieces of Gym Equipment for Sale in Denver


It doesn’t take much digging to find great pieces of gym equipment for sale here in Denver (or anywhere else, for that matter) – even if you are looking for previously owned pieces of equipment at significant discounts.


While you’re doing your research, keep in mind there are a couple of key considerations you’ll want to focus on before you make your purchase on some of the most popular pieces of equipment for sale. You’ll most likely find the kind of equipment that almost every home gym or commercial fitness center have, and you’ll probably want to purchase some of these pieces yourself.


Check out these popular fitness equipment items below, and some things you’ll want to remember while you are hunting.  Let’s get right into it!


Bench and Squat Racks


Probably the most popular pieces of gym equipment for sale in Denver are benches and squat racks. These are stable pieces of equipment that the rest of a home or commercial gym can be built around.


When you are looking to purchase these for your home or commercial gym – especially preowned – you’ll want to be sure that you are checking for stress signs, wear and tear, and any general “shakiness” in this equipment.


Because these pieces of equipment are so simple and straightforward, this inspection should only take a second (and can usually be done through pictures or a quick video) … but it’s absolutely essential.  Do not forget!




Treadmills are another really popular piece of gym equipment for sale in Denver, and quite possibly the most popular piece of cardio equipment on the planet today.


You’ll want to make sure that the treadmills you are purchasing are high quality, have reliable motor drive systems, fully articulating running decks, and “control computers” that work exactly the way you would expect them to.




Elliptical machines rank right up there with treadmills in the cardio department, with some preferring to glide around on these machines versus pounding mile after mile into a treadmill.


If you’re looking to buy this kind of gym equipment, you’ll want to be sure that the gliders themselves operate smoothly, and go through the full range of motion.  Make sure that all of the resistance tools are finely tuned and easy to adjust.


Cable and Pulley Stations


Cable and pulley style stations are super popular pieces these days, and we not just talking about Bowflex, either.


There are a lot of great pieces of gym equipment for sale in Denver, available from some of the best previously owned and brand-new fitness equipment providers today. But you’ll need to be sure that the cables and pulleys work as designed, have smooth motion throughout each movement, and that the weight and resistance systems are finely tuned and safe as well.


Weight Machines


Finally, if you’re looking to dive headfirst into the world of serious bodybuilding or weightlifting – or if you are running a commercial gym with circuit systems in mind – weight machines are going to be right up your alley.


Be sure that these machines are safe, stable, and have been impeccably maintained throughout their lifetime and you won’t have anything to worry about when buying this kind of gym equipment for sale in Denver.


Happy hunting!