Atlantis 6 Stack Jungle Gym Cable Crossover Multi w/Stacks 300 lb.

Atlantis Precision 6 Station Dual Pulley Cable Crossover Jungle Gym. This is a stellar unit by one of, if not THE best commercial gym equipment company in existence, Atlantis. They make very high end, very expensive, well designed, extremely functional, extremely heavy duty, hardcore, beautiful pieces of equipment. This unit is in excellent condition and perfect working order. This unit can be used by up to 7 people at once! This is a beautiful focal point in any commercial gym, studio or even home gym. This unit retails for more than $20,000.

Unit includes:

(2) Dual Pulleys

(2) Lat Pulldowns

(1) Low Cable Row

(1) Back Supported Tricep Extension

(1) Multi Grip Pull-up Bar



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