BRAND NEW Empire Linear Counter Balanced Smith Machine – Only 86 in. Tall – LAST ONE AVAILABLE


BRAND NEW Empire linear counter balanced smith machine.  These are simply beautiful, extremely smooth and built like tanks (550 lbs.)!  The Empire smith machine bar rides on a 90 degree, vertical, up and down plane of motion.  There is no silly awkward angle.  This machine was designed with both the heavy-duty, hardcore lifter in mind but also the soccer mom that loves a clean sharp looking unit that doesn’t appear intimidating.  High tension cables, German made, silky smooth linear bearings with a beautiful platinum powder coat.  These are made with all of the best materials.  We know you will love it and much as we do!

All of our Empire Strength units are capable of fully disassembling. We kept the end user in mind when designing them and realize that often these machines need to travel through tight spaces, as well as to provide optimal shipping prices.