Cybex 14 Unit Total Body Strength Circuit – Clean

Cybex 14 Unit total body strength circuit in excellent condition.  These are full commercial grade machines by Cybex.  Cybex is the industry leader in commercial gym equipment and can be found in most of the gyms across the country.  This series of Cybex were created to be very smooth, built extremely durable and have small footprints.  These units are great in any setting; home, training studio or commercial gym.  Units are aesthetically pleasing, not intimidating, but also still hardcore enough for the serious lifter.  These have a retail price elsewhere for as much as $3,000 each ($42,000)!  Units are sold as is, but have been cleaned, serviced and rigorously tested to assure proper performance.
Cybex VR2 Seated Leg Press w/500 lb. stack is included in the circuit but not shown in the photos.
Cybex VR2 
1. Leg Press w/500 lb. Stack
2. Chest Press
3. Torso Rotation
4. Pulldown
5. Bicep Curl
6. Overhead Shoulder Press
Cybex Classic 
7. Abdominal Crunch
8. Pec Fly
9. Row
10. Prone Leg Curl
11. Tricep Extension
12. Glute Kickback
13. Adductor
14. Abductor