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Cybex 630A Total Body Arc Trainer


Cybex 630A total body arc trainer in excellent condition.
The Cybex 630a Arc Trainer is a professional high-end cross trainer created for the demanding customer. The Cybex arc trainer brings innovation to the art of fitness training. This one machine might be the most demanded cardio machine inside a popular health club.  Adjustable incline provides variability in the pattern of motion. Low inclines provide a gliding action with modest hip and knee motion, while higher inclines provide comparable increases in hip and knee motion. Superior biomechanics allow for high intensity training that places high loads on the muscles with less stress on joints. Resistance range from 0 to 900 watts accommodates a wide variety of users, for those seeking a very low work rate to dedicated athletes demanding an extreme workout. This unit sells preowned elsewhere for as much as $4,400.  A comparable new arc trainer costs as much as $8,000.