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Cybex 750A Lower Body Arc Trainer


This is a super clean, current model of Cybex 750A  Arc Trainer. The Cybex 750A Arc Trainer utilizes reverse arc motion technology, that engages the largest muscles groups in the legs and trunk to effectively burn the most calories, in the least amount of time. It provides a smooth, patented arc pattern that places the user’s toe behind the knee while pedaling, thus reducing stress on the joints allowing for a more comfortable workout experience.  This unit has been cleaned, serviced, is in excellent condition and perfect working order. This unit sells elsewhere preowned for as much as $4,600.

While choosing the incline on the Cybex 750A, the user can select three exercise zones: the Glide or lowest position offers a ski machine pattern, the Stride or medium position closely resembles an elliptical trainer, and the Climb or high position is similar to a stair climber. And within each of these selected variations are ranges of resistance levels to crank up the workout as your fitness level progresses.