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Cybex Eagle NX 4 Stack Jungle Gym Dual Adjustable Pulley Cable Crossover w/Triple Grip Pull-up – Current & Latest Model – BEAUTIFUL

Cybex Eagle NX 4 Stack Cable Crossover Jungle Gym – Current & Latest Model.This machine is made by one of the industry leaders of commercial grade fitness equipment. This unit would make a great center piece in any commercial gym, studio or home. Up to 5 people can use this machine at once.

This unit has:Triple Grip Pull-up BarLat PulldownAssisted & Free Weight Dip & Pull-up 2x Adjustable Pulleys

This machine is extremely smooth and true to weight. This unit is pre-owned but has since been cleaned, serviced, and is in beautiful condition.  Machine is also in excellent working order, extremely smooth and operates beautifully! This unit retails new for more than $16,000.