Empire 4 Stack Jungle Gym – BRAND NEW


 BRAND NEW Empire 4-stack jungle gym with 320 lb. weight stacks!  This unit has high tension cables, 2.5″ x 4.5″ rugged, 11-gauge steel and oval tubing for that extra beefy appearance.  Stations can be interchanged, and extra stacks and stations added at any time.  You can later upgrade to a 5, 8, 12 stack etc.  We put this unit against any leading brand in terms of quality and use only the best and strongest materials.  We offer 1 year warranty on parts.  You will not find a commercial jungle gym priced this well and with stacks this heavy.  Another great feature is that this jungle gym, unlike others, will fully disassemble, making transport and setup anywhere a breeze.  This also makes shipping cost effective.  The unit has a low height (only 84 inches ) making it a perfect option for those with low ceilings.  This machine is a great centerpiece for any home, studio or commercial gym.  This unit is not only beautiful, it’s also hardcore!

All of our Empire Strength units are capable of fully disassembling. We kept the end user in mind when designing them and realize that often these machines need to travel through tight spaces,  as well as to provide optimal shipping prices.

1 lat pulldown – 290 lbs.
1 low row – 290 lbs.
1 tricep press down – 265 lbs.
1 adjustable hi/low pulleys – 265 lbs.