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Hammer Strength Platinum MTS V-Squat w/400 lb. Stack – RARE

Hammer Strength extends the same Motion Technology of its revolutionary plate-loaded machines to its Motion Technology Selectorized (MTS) equipment. Only Hammer Strength MTS incorporates the biomechanical integrity of patented ISO – lateral technology, with the ease and convenience of selectorized weight stacks. The Hammer Strength MTS V-Squat is designed to reduce back and knee strain through a curved arc of motion. It provides a natural squatting motion compared to traditional leg presses or hack squats, and it offers the feel of plate loaded machines with the convenience of selectorized weight stacks. This machine is in beautiful condition and perfect working order.

A Hammer Strength MTS V-Squat is, and can best be described as follows: a squat machine is a plate-loaded or selectorized piece of fitness equipment available in variations including: Standing, Hack, Front, V-Squat, Single Leg, and others, and is designed to strengthen the muscles of the hips, thighs, and legs during Strength Training. The user is typically in a standing position, braced under shoulder pads and grasping handles, and then places the feet shoulder width apart on a platform. The exercise is performed when the user flexes at the knees and hips until the thighs are just parallel with the floor, while pressing back into the heels, and then extends the knees and hips to return to a standing position.

This machine retails for $6,000 and sells elsewhere preowned for $3,500+. This unit is extremely rare and hard to come by.

Instructional Placards
Easy-to-follow instructions illustrate proper use and muscles trained
Belts and Pulleys
Heavy-duty belt system ensures smooth, even motion
Pads are molded with radius on edge for improved comfort
Full front and back shrouds and pulley covers
Weight Plates And Guide Rods
Solid-steel weight plates. Top weight plate is fitted with self-lubricating bushings
7/16″ (11 mm) diameter weight selector pin magnetically locks in place and is connected to stack to prevent loss
Drop down incremental weight system
Roller mechanism on seat adjustment provides smooth operation
Frame Description
Each frame receives an electrostatic powder coat finish to ensure maximum adhesion and durability; 11-gauge steel frame ensures maximum structural integrity
Foot Platforms
Polyethylene spray-coated for impact, corrosion, and abrasion resistance
Hand Grips
Grips retained with aluminum collars, preventing them from slipping during use; Hand grips are an extruded thermo rubber compound that is non-absorbing and wear-and-tear resistant