Iron Grip Olympic Plate Set

Iron grip set – 1 set available
4-45’s = 180
2-35’s = 70
4-25’s = 100
2-10’s = 20
4-5’s = 20
3-2.5’s = 7.5
Total 397.5lbs
Iron Grip Olympic Plate Lot. These are USA made and full commercial grade. These are some of the most desirable and sought-after plates that exist. These plates retail new as much as $4 lb.

The Iron Grip Olympic plate is our signature product. Revolutionary when it was first introduced, the 12-sided anti-roll design with integrated handgrips still has no equal in the market today. It remains the single most significant change to one of the oldest fitness products in the industry.

Our design improves safety, functionality, and usability, making Iron Grip the preferred weight plate in premier fitness facilities around the world. Iron Grip Olympic weight plates surpass all others in quality, accuracy and reliability.