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Iron Grip Urethane 20-110 lb. EZ Curl Bar Set w/Hammer Strength Rack

Iron Grip Urethane 20-110 lb. curl bar set w/Hammer Strength rack. These are in simply excellent condition. Iron Grip urethane is the holy grail of plates, bars and dumbbells. Urethane is much more durable than rubber and won’t break down and deteriorate. Urethane is the new generation and for good reason, it’s very expensive. This set w/o the rack retails new for more than $5,000, are made to order and have ridiculously long lead times. We have the set in stock at half the price. Fixed bars can be used for countless exercises and can be found in just about every gym across the county. They are a must have for commercial gyms and training studios. The rack is Nautilus and has space for accessories as well. This set and rack have a combined retail value of over $6,000.