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Keiser M3i Spin Bikes – Newest Latest & Highest End Commercial Model


These are the newest, latest and highest end commercial models available. These are preowned but in stellar condition with very low miles. These bikes retail as much as $2,500 new and sell preowned elsewhere for as much as $1,800. These bikes are priced to sell and will likely go fast.

Keiser introduces intelligent cycling and the most technologically advanced indoor cycle.

The company that revolutionized indoor group cycling with magnetic resistance, the first bike with a computer and who made power an industry training standard, now introduces the most technologically advanced indoor group cycle ever, the Keiser M3i featuring Bluetooth wireless display. The new Keiser M3i Bluetooth wireless computer is certain to become popular with both riders and group exercise instructors.

The computer can partner up with a wireless phone or tablet and with its new black color scheme that also features a red flywheel guard that is sure to turn heads.  Keiser also unveiled new Bluetooth capabilities with the M3i. To complement their new Bluetooth technology, Keiser will now offer a new group exercise projection system, the Keiser M3i. The new Bluetooth wireless display computer can transmit to a receiver for projection onto a screen and can also partner up with a wireless phone or tablet. Doing away with the conventional rider-worn monitor, rider data will be transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth to reflect the performance of the rider, making the M3i the most technologically advanced indoor cycle ever.

$9,50 each

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