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Legend 45 Degree Plate Loaded Linear Leg Press

Legend Fitness 3122 Plate Loaded 45 Degree Leg Press – Whether you’re a bodybuilder, powerlifter or professional athlete, the angled leg press is one of the most important training tools there is when it comes to building explosive power, mass and overall development in the lower body.  A leg press provides a powerful leg training alternative to squats that allows you to mix up your training to insure consistent gains.  For those with lower back injuries, such as herniated discs, a leg press can become a barbell squat replacement that still allows the user to perform mass building exercises if proper precautions are taken.  Walk into any school weight room, professional sports team gym or military fitness facility and you’d be hard pressed to find any of these locations that does not have a leg press of some sort, whether that be a plate loaded leg press or a selectorized leg press with weight stack. This unit was used as a demo floor model and is in stellar condition.

The Legend is a smooth operator featuring an 85 lb. footplate carriage that travels at a 45 degree angle utilizing commercial linear bearings and steel alloy guide rods that are case hardened for years of high performance. The large polished aluminum footplate is made from heavy polished aluminum with a diamond plate pattern that offers years of sure footing.  Getting in and out of the unit is made easy with the integrated footplate handles. The back pad can be adjusted via a pop-pin allowing for a 38°, 33°and 28° angle for increased user comfort during the heaviest lifts.  Heavy lifters will be able to pile the plates high and deep with the 15″ long weight sleeves.  Still need more room for plates?  We can add a third 15″ sleeve in the center for a small upcharge!  And last but not least is the construction of the Legend linear leg press.  At a shipped weight of 620 lbs. most of that comes from USA made and fabricated 11 gauge structural steel in both 3″ x 3″ and 4″ x 2″ sizes.

Legend Fitness 3122 Linear Bearing Leg Press:

  • Dimensions: 89.5″ L x 66.5″ W x 58″
  • Frame Construction: Heavy 11-gauge 3″ x 3″ and 4″ x 2″ steel construction designed using CAD software to minimize the use of bolts and fasteners
  • Frame Fabrication: Welded and bolted with hardware that meets ANSI B18.3 specifications for maximum stability and longevity
  • Weight Sleeves: 15″ long for loading multiple weight plates on each side. Add an additional 15″ vertical sleeve for a small upcharge to hold additional plates
  • Footplate: #3003 polished aluminum alloy with an anti-slip diamond plate pattern offers proper footing for leg presses and calf raises
  • Footplate Handles: Allows for easy entry and exit
  • Travel: Weight carriage travels on a 45 degree angle
  • Seat Pad Adjustments: Pop-pin adjustments to 38°, 33°, and 28°
  • Bearings: High performance linear bearings for super smooth travel on guide rods
  • Guide Rods: Case-hardened alloy steel guide rods work in conjunction with linear bearings for long lasting smooth travel
  • Weight Plate Storage: 8 chrome plated pegs store Olympic weight plates of all sizes in close proximity for easy loading and offloading
  • Safety: Built-in safety stops included
  • Scuff Guards: Bolt-on scuff guards included for weight plate storage areas
  • Padding: 2″ thick rebond foam with 8 lb. per cubic foot density
  • Finish: Chip resistant powder coat
  • Color Availability: See drop down menu or color chart below
  • Uses: Installation in the harshest commercial weight rooms is highly recommended
  • Product Weight: 620 lbs.
  • Shipping Configuration (palletized): 100″ L x 46″ W x 94″ H | 733 lbs. (Freight Shipping Class 250, Over Dimension Applies)
  • Proudly Made In The USA

What are the benefits of purchasing a Legend Fitness 3122 Commercial Leg Press Machine?:

  • Extremely effective at building explosive strength and overall leg development
  • Can be used for training the calves
  • Can be expanded to hold more plates by adding optional 15 center weight sleeve
  • Weight carriage runs on linear bearings and case hardened guide rods not rollers or bushings
  • Heavy-Duty, maintenance-free steel frame for unmatched strength and simplicity
  • Perfect for performance training, powerlifting and bodybuilding
  • Commercial quality and can be introduced to any environment