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Legend Adjustable Decline Dumbbell Barbell & Abdominal Bench

The 3102 Decline Utility Weight Bench by Legend Fitness is built tough for strength training with both dumbbells and barbells in commercial gyms. The level of decline is pop-pin adjustable in five different positions from -10° to 25°, allowing users to isolate the lower and mid pectoral muscles for maximum strength and lean muscle gains. The 3102 is versatile and can be placed in front of a dumbbell rack for performing decline dumbbell presses or chest flys.  Move it over to the power cage or Smith machine for decline barbell chest presses. You can even use it as a sit-up bench!  No matter your fitness or strength level, Legend builds the 3102 to take on any situation.  The frame is built from massive 3 x 3 x 11-gauge steel and then fully mig welded for unmatched strength and will never come loose or need maintenance. The padding also takes heavy lifters into consideration.  Each decline bench is padded using only 2 thick closed cell rebond foam with an 8 lb. per cubic foot density rating.  This padding density disburses the user’s weight more evenly, especially through the shoulder blades and back, for a more supportive lift.  And the leg rollers are essential in keeping the lifter locked into place and from sliding down the bench during their set.  This bench is preowned and retails for $600.