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Legend Fitness ISO Lateral Unilateral Trap Shrug/Lunge/Deadlifting Machine 6008 – DEMO

Legend Fitness 6008 Unilateral Trap Shrug/Lunge/Deadlifting Machine – Because of its versatility and ability to train the upper and lower body, the 6008 is the most versatile and best selling strength machine in the Legend Fitness LeverEdge line-up.  However, the name itself only tells part of the story.  In addition to a trap shrugger, leg lunge and deadlift machine, the 6008 allows the user to perform additional upper body lifts such as shoulder push presses, one arm lat rows, bent over rows, floor chest presses, tricep dips and full rotational presses.  For the lower body, add Bulgarian split lunges, stiff legged deadlifts and split squats to the list!  And with all this versatility in one piece of strength equipment comes the need for adjustability; not only to accommodate different user sizes but all the different lift variations. With that in mind, Legend gave the dual gripping handles pop-pin adjustments for both height and angle. Set the handles low for performing deadlifts or up high for shrugs.  Angle the handles up or down for performing lifts facing either way. This unit was used as a demo, floor model and has never seen commercial use.  It is in beautiful condition.

Legend Strength Equipment is built heavy-duty for commercial gyms!  Since the inception of Legend Fitness back in 1977, they have been owned and operated by people passionate about fitness.  From weightlifters to professional athletes, it has been the passion of the people that has driven the company forward year after year with products that consistently demonstrate innovation, quality and value to the consumer.  Legend Fitness builds their LeverEdge strength equipment with a Bring It On! mentality to insure the construction far exceeds the needs of the harshest climates and lifting environments.  Every piece is overbuilt using heavy-grade structural steel with 11 gauge walls.  Legend Equipment is proudly Made In The USA which means less bolts and more welding unlike offshore manufacturers whos biggest concern is breaking each piece down into the smallest box possible in order to fit the maximum amount in an overseas container.  The indestructible arms of the 6008 work in conjunction with industrial grade pillow block bearings for smooth and reliable action that will handle the heaviest loads.  Legend Fitness is a firm believer in the old adage that says good equipment ain’t cheap, and cheap equipment ain’t good; and it is clearly reflected in their quality made strength equipment.

  • Dimensions: 78.25 L x 67 W x 32
  • Frame Construction: Heavy 11 gauge steel construction designed using CAD software to minimalize the use of bolts and fasteners
  • Frame Fabrication: Welded and bolted with hardware that meets ANSI B18.3 specifications for maximum stability and longevity
  • Weight Sleeves: Extra-long for loading up to 9 weight plates on each side for massive strength and muscle gaining potential
  • Dual Handles: Dual grip handles provide a narrow and wide grip to accommodate different size users and lifts
  • Movement: Allows bilateral (two arms at the same time) and unilateral (one arm at a time) movement thanks to the independent handles
  • Bearings: Heavy-duty pillow block bearings with lubrication nipples insure consistently smooth rotating arms at all times
  • Weight Plate Storage: 4 chrome plated pegs store Olympic weight plates of all sizes in close proximity for lightening fast loading and offloading
  • Ankle Rollers: Dense roller padding to properly support legs and ankles while performing split squats, split lunges and dips
  • Finish: Chip resistant powder coat
  • Color Availability: See drop down menu or color chart below
  • Uses: Installation in the harshest commercial weight rooms is highly recommended
  • Ship Weight: 387 lbs.
  • Proudly Made In The USA

What are the benefits of purchasing a Legend Fitness 6008 Unilateral Trap Shrug/Lunge/Deadlifting Machine?:

  • Allows both bilateral and unilateral movement
  • Narrow and wide grip options combined with independently moving arms offers many exercises for upper and lower body
  • Each side is capable of holding up to 9 Olympic plates for heavy-duty shoulder shrugging without limitations
  • Heavy-Duty, maintenance-free steel frame for unmatched strength and simplicity
  • Perfect for performance training, powerlifting and bodybuilding
  • Commercial quality and can be introduced to any environment