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Legend Linear Counter Balanced Smith Machine – DEMO

Legend Fitness 3124 Linear Bearing Smith Machine – Legend Fitness is known in the fitness industry as producing the most heavy-duty, over-built strength equipment on the planet. The 3124 Counterbalanced Smith Machine is no exception. Each frame is fabricated right here in the USA from 3 x 3 x 11 gauge steel that is then protected from the elements with DuPont electrostatic powder coating that resists scratches, dings and corrosion. This heavy-duty frame structure allows any user of any strength level to load up the bar to their maximum weight without ever having to worry about structural integrity. Heavy-duty Olympic bar is rated at 1,500 lbs. and knurled for a sure grip and then counterbalanced to a starting weight of only 25 lbs. 3,500 lb. capacity aircraft quality cables and pulleys keep the bar firmly on track while it glides effortlessly on the polished steel guide rods and linear bearing system. And the 5 degree path of motion allows for more natural movement when performing heavy pressing and squatting lifts. This unit was used as a demo floor model. It has never seen commercial use. It is in stellar condition.

What exercises can be done on a Smith machine?  A Smith machine can be used to supplement or replace free weight training with bars and dumbbells.  While some people may do this to simply add variety to their training and stimulate growth, others find that a Smith machine allows them to perform barbell exercises with less pain to the joints and lower back.  When exercising on an angled Smith machine, you’ll need to be mindful of proper body alignment with the angle of the guide rods, which in the case of the 3124 is a 5% angle.  For example, when executing a Smith machine squat, you’ll want to bring your toes forward just enough so that your back remains totally straight throughout the movement and your body tracks along the same 5% angle.  Although this may feel weird at first, especially when compared to barbell squats, you’ll soon get used to it and it will seem natural in no time.

Upper body Smith machine exercises often include the use of a decline, flat, incline or upright utility bench for working the chest, shoulders and triceps with various pressing movements. Bent over rows are a great way to thicken up the back and work well with the design of the Smith. Training legs on a Smith machine better isolates the quads and provides an unbelievable burn.  Squats, front squats, lunges and even calf raises with a calf block are some simple but extremely effective lower body Smith machine exercises.

Legend Fitness 3124 Counter Balanced Smith Machine:

  • Dimensions: 53 L x 84 W x 92.5
  • Frame Construction: Heavy 11 gauge 3 x 3 steel construction designed using CAD software to minimalize the use of bolts and fasteners
  • Frame Fabrication: Welded and bolted with hardware that meets ANSI B18.3 specifications for maximum stability and longevity
  • Bar Specs: 1,500 lb. capacity, black oxide with 1 1/8 diameter and no center knurl
  • Counter Balance: Reduces weight of bar to 25 lbs.
  • Angle: 5 degree angle
  • Bearings: High performance linear bearings for super smooth travel on guide rods
  • Guide Rods: Case-hardened alloy steel guide rods work in conjunction with linear bearings for long lasting smooth travel
  • Weight Plate Storage: 6 chrome plated pegs store Olympic weight plates of all sizes in close proximity for easy loading and offloading
  • Safety: Adjustable height safety arms in 8″ increments
  • Shrouds: ABS plastic shrouds protect user and bystanders from moving counter balances and pulleys
  • Cables: Aircraft quality 3,500 lb. capacity
  • Lowest Bar Height: 12 3/4 high from ground to center of bar
  • Highest Bar Height: 61″ high from ground to center of bar
  • Finish: Chip resistant powder coat
  • Color Availability: See drop down menu or color chart below
  • Uses: Installation in the harshest commercial weight rooms is highly recommended
  • Shipping Dimensions (palletized): 66″ L x 48″ W x 98″ H (Freight Shipping Class 250)
  • Shipping Weight: 720 lbs.
  • Proudly Made In The USA

What are the benefits of purchasing a Legend Fitness 3124 Angled Smith Machine?:

  • Perform power and mass building exercises, such as squats and bench presses, with the added safety of self spotting safety pegs and safety arms
  • 1,500 lb. capacity Olympic bar is counter balanced and provides a lower starting weight of only 25 lbs.
  • Olympic bar glides on linear bearings and case hardened guide rods not bushings
  • Work area is large enough to accommodate all your favorite utility benches for chest and shoulder work
  • Fixed plane of motion amplifies focus on targeted muscle group and can help alleviate joint pain while exercising for those with back or shoulder injuries
  • Fully shrouded counter balance provides added safety
  • Perfect for performance training, powerlifting and bodybuilding
  • Commercial quality and can be introduced to any environment