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Legend Preacher Curl

Adjustable Seated Arm Curl Bench by Legend Fitness provides one of the most effective bicep exercises for adding size and strength. The seated preacher curl isolates the biceps by keeping the lifter’s upper arms stationary and set at an angle that works to provide constant tension on the bicep muscles during the negative portion of the exercise. The arm pad of the 3114 is sufficiently padded using 2″ thick rebond foam and adjusts in height up to 46.5 to accommodate lifters of all heights. The bar uprights are spaced wide enough to allow different gripping widths for isolating the inner and outer biceps yet remain compatible with the inside length of most EZ-curl bars and fixed weight barbells.  A strip of hard wearing ABS plastic lines the inside of the bar cradles which prevents wear on bar knurling due to metal to metal contact.  And the frame is built like a tank with its 3 x 3 x 11 gauge steel tubing. This bicep curl bench arrives fully welded and ready to rock!  This bench is preowned in excellent condition.

Legend Fitness 3114 Seated Preacher Curl Bench Features:

  • Dimensions: 39 L x 30 W x 46.5
  • Frame Construction: Heavy 11 gauge 3 x 3 steel construction designed using CAD software to minimalize the use of bolts and fasteners
  • Frame Fabrication: Fully MIG welded for maximum stability and longevity. No assembly required!
  • Padding: 25 wide contoured preacher curl pad and seat feature 2″ thick rebond foam with 8 lb. per cubic foot density for maximum comfort and stability
  • Adjustments: Preacher curl pad height is adjustable via pop-pin up to 46.5 to accommodate all different size users
  • Bar Uprights: 3 x 3 uprights are spaced to allow plenty off room for different grip widths and have raised bar stops in the back to keep the bar from overshooting when re-racking
  • Wear Guards: Bar cradles include hard wearing ABS plastic to protect barbell knurling from metal to metal contact with frame
  • Compatibility: Use with EZ-curl bars, fixed weight barbells or short Olympic bars with a minimum of 31 from inside collar to inside collar. Bars, plates and collars NOT included
  • Finish: Chip resistant baked-on powder coat
  • Color Availability: See drop down menu or color chart below for available powder coat and upholstery colors
  • Uses: Ideal for training biceps and forearms in commercial weight rooms
  • Unit Weight: 155 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight (palletized): 265 lbs. (Freight Shipping Class 250)
  • Proudly Made in The USA