Life Fitness Signature Series14 Unit Total Body Circuit – Stunning

Life Fitness 14 unit circuit in excellent condition. This is the perfect package for any gym or studio looking for the latest, top notch commercial equipment at a fraction of retail. This circuit is in beautiful condition! These are current models by Life Fitness and retail at $5,400 EACH!! There is a machine here for each and every muscle group. These units have been cleaned, serviced and are ready to go. Units are in stellar condition and have been newly reupholstered.  Why spend 3x more on new, with a 12–17-week lead time, when you can buy the same thing NOW in similar condition. “
Leg Press
Back Extension
Leg Extension
Hip Adduction
Hip Abduction
Seated Dip
2x Chest
2x Shoulder
Biceps Curl
Lateral Raise
Row / Rear Delt
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