Life Fitness Signature Series CMDAP Dual Adjustable Pulley Functional Trainer

Life Fitness CMDAP dual adjustable pulley functional trainer.  This is the functional trainer to have and the holy grail of functional trainers.  These are what everyone and every gym wants.  They are built like tanks, very good looking, have heavy weight stacks, multi grip pullup bars and obviously, are very functional and allow you to do a multitude of exercises.  This unit is in excellent, beautiful condition.  This machine is in perfect working order and perfect working condition.  There is a bar cable attachment available for this machine that allows you to connect the pulleys, giving you the ability to bench press, squat, shoulder press and more; just a few of the hundreds of exercises that can be performed on this machine.  This unit has a retail price of $8,000+.  These are hard to find preowned and at this price, always sell fast.  If you’re in the market for one, this is your chance.