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Nautilus Dual Adjustable Pulley Cable Crossover 5 Stack Jungle Gym

Nautilus Dual Adjustable Pulley Cable Crossover 5 Stack Jungle Gym. This unit consists of lat pulldown, low row, three dual adjustable pulleys and multi grip pull-up bar. This unit is stout and built like a tank. It’s equipped with heavy 250 lb. weight stacks. This jungle gym can be setup in various ways. You can put the lat pulldown and low row on the same side, opposite sides, next to each other and the list goes on.  Some examples of this are demonstrated in the photos below.  Each unit can also be separated, and will stand and can be used completely independent of one another. This ultimately gives you options and endless possibilities; especially if space or layout is a concern with your facility.
This machine has two pulleys per side, with can be used together or separately, bilaterally.  This allows you to perform dual cable exercises on one side of the tower; reverse fly’s, face pulls, lateral raises and the list goes on.  Or you can combine both pulleys on the same clip/attachment and perform cable exercises like you would on any other unit. This machine is built like a tank and is extremely smooth. You can perform every exercise under the sun with this machine. The jungle gym is a must have and is a staple in every gym. This machine is in excellent condition. It has been cleaned, serviced and is ready to go.