Nautilus Inspiration 5 Stack Cable Crossover Jungle Gym – Stunning

Nautilus Star Trac Inspiration 5 Stack Cable Crossover Jungle Gym. This is a stunningly beautiful piece of equipment and will be the focal point of your entire gym. Whether you put this into a full commercial membership gym, your personal training studio or even your home gym, it certainly will be your favorite machine.
This unit consists of:
2x Dual Adjustable Pulleys (Cable Crossover)
1x Lat Pulldown
1x Low Row
1x Back Supported Tricep Pushdown
2x Multi Grip Pull-up Bars



Up to 6 people can use the beauty at once.
The lock and load technically is super cool and does away with those annoying pins that always seem to disappear.  Simply select your weight by flipping the switch and go.
This machine is in stellar condition and came from a private women’s gym that didn’t get a lot of use.
The entire unit has been cleaned, serviced and is ready to go.