Nautilus Nitro 9 Unit Total Body Strength Circuit


Very clean Nautilus Nitro 9 unit total body strength circuit. These are later model Nautilus machines in excellent condition. There is a unit here for each and every muscle in the body and then some. This would be the PERFECT circuit and foundation of any commercial gym. This line of Nautilus is perfect in that it appeals to both the hard core athlete, bodybuilder etc. and also to the average soccer mom.  It’s a perfect balance. The machines are built like tanks and extremely smooth (Kevlar belt driven), but they aren’t big and intimidating. They are also beautiful. These Nautilus machines have it all. These units have all been cleaned, serviced and are ready to go.
Circuit Consists of:
1. Leg press
2. Seated Leg Curl
3. Tricep Extension
4. Rotary Torso
5. Low Back
6. Lateral Raise
7. Pec Fly Rear Delt
8. Overhead Shoulder Press
9. Assisted Dip Pullup