Power Lift Full Body Squat


Power Lift’s Full Body Squat is an ideal piece to add to your lower body strength-training workout. The design of the Full Body Squat machine provides a broader range of motion through the hip than traditional leg presses. Users can perform explosive movements due to the low inertia created from the four-bar linkage design. Adjustable shoulder pads will allow users of all heights to properly align themselves in the unit. Single leg movements can be performed as well by lowering the single leg isolator to the proper position. This unit is preowned and in stellar condition. This unit retails for more than double our asking price.


  • Length: 104″
  • Width: 69″
  • Height: 57″
  • Weight: 850 lbs.
  • Starting Resistance: 50 lbs.


  • Weight storage
  • Four-weight loading horns
  • Band attachments
  • Single leg isolator
  • Oversized angled footplate
  • Urethane foot pads (standard)


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Body Squat, Add Black Upholstery