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Precor Discovery 13 Unit Total Body Strength Circuit – Current & Newest Models

Precor Discovery 13 Unit Total Body Strength Circuit – beautiful new models. This is the highest end and most expensive line that Precor has to offer. These machines are well built, have high end finishes, operate extremely smooth and look stunning.

These units are in stellar condition and have had very little use. These are also the newest units offered by one of the industry leaders in commercial fitness equipment. This circuit would be perfect in any setting whether home, studio or commercial facility. These units sell new for nearly $5,000 per unit.

Circuit consists of:
1. Seated Leg Press
2. Leg Curl
3. Leg Extension
4. Chest Press
5. Shoulder Press
6. Lat Pulldown
7. Seated Row
8. Biceps Curl
9. Triceps Extension (Seated Dip)
10. Rear Delt Pec Fly
11. Abdominal
12 Back Extension
13. Rotary Torso