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Precor Icarian 8 Stack Jungle Gym Cable Crossover

Precor Icarian 8 Stack cable crossover jungle gym. This machine is made by one of the industry leaders of commercial grade fitness equipment. Unit has a beautiful color and would make a great center piece in any commercial gym, studio or home. Up to 9 people can use this machine at once. This unit has two multi grip pull-up bars, two lat pulldowns, a low row and more. This machine is hardcore and has stacks up to 250 lbs. Unit is pre-owned but has since been cleaned, serviced and is in excellent condition. Machine is also in excellent working order, extremely smooth and operates beautifully! This machine retails for more than $22,000 and is a current model available from Precor.

This unit consists of:

2x Low Row
2x Lat Pulldown
2x Adjustable Cable Crossover
2x Hi – Lo Pulley
1x Multi Grip Pull-up Bar