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Precor RBK 885 Recumbent Bike w/P80 Touchscreen Console


The RBK 885 recumbent bike features a step-through design, to appeal to a wide range of exercisers of all ages. The simple seat adjustment allows the user to change the position of the seat with one hand, either on or off the bike. A ventilated air flex seat provides exceptional comfort. This bike has been cleaned, serviced and is in beautiful condition. This bike sells new for $7,000 and elsewhere preowned for as much as $3,200.
Step-Through Design: The RBK 885 recumbent bike features a step-through design (14 in / 36 cm wide) with a very low step-over height (4 in / 10 cm).
Ergonomics: The riding cockpit is designed with sound ergonomics. The seat pads are angled for optimal comfort, maximum low back support, and minimal interference with the movement of the user’s legs. The console is mounted at an optimal viewing angle, with the machine controls within easy reach.
Handlebars: The console handlebars help with entry and exit, while the riding handle bars provide optional hand and arm positioning and heart rate monitoring.
Seat: The air flex seat back features a “floating” suspension system that allows the seat back to move with the user for unsurpassed comfort. The ergonomic curved design and ample ventilation further enhance user comfort. And the polypropylene material is virtually indestructible.
Biomechanics: To achieve proper pedaling biomechanics, Precor designed the recumbent bike to maintain similar biomechanics as used on their upright bike. That means setting the angle of the seat rail with an offset from the crank to aide with efficient pedaling and reduced shear force on the knee. The seat rail angle is at 15 degrees with a slight offset from the crank axle. This places the knee directly over the ball of the foot (or pedal spindle) when the pedals are in the 2 and 8 o’clock position.
Bearings: The bottom bracket assembly uses a hardened steel shaft with deep-groove sealed precision ball bearings designed for smooth operation and exceptional service life.
Seat Adjustment: The simple, convenient seat adjustment allows the user to easily change the seat to their desired height, with one hand either on or off the bike.
Pedals: For double the convenience, dual-sided pedals allow the rider to use the pedals with or without the integrated pedal strap. The extra wide pedal comfortably accommodates feet of all sizes, which allows proper pedaling form with the foot directly over the user’s knee.
Frame: Two-step powder-coating process applies rust-resistant undercoat and cosmetic topcoat to steel frame.
Covers: Shrouds are attached with minimal hardware and can be removed without taking off the pedals or cranks.
Transport Wheels: Integrated
Resistance System
3-Piece Crank: 3-piece crank tightens positively, reducing the need for periodic adjustments. The 170 mm crank arm accepts any standard road or mountain bike pedal.
Drive System: The two-stage drive system yields a smooth, comfortable, quiet operation with a lower start-up resistance and more consistent resistance progression than single-stage drive systems.
3-Phase Generator: 3-phase generator / eddy current resistance system requires no backup battery in order to efficiently power the bike.
Belt Drive: Belt drive for smoother, quieter operation and reduced maintenance.
Resistance Levels: 25
Minimum Watts: 18 watts (level 1 at 20 RPM)
Maximum Watts: 750 watts (level 25 at 150 RPM)
Console Features
Console Type: 15-inch LCD Capacitive Touch Screen (P80 Console)
Touch Screen: Yes
Machine Controls: Motion Controls
Numeric Keypad: Touch Screen
Electronic Readouts: Advanced
Languages: Chinese, English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish
Network Capabilities: Preva Network Capable
Personal Viewing System (PVS): Viewing Screen Embedded
iPod / iPhone Compatible: Yes
Media Delivery: Integrated
Media Support: Analog, Digital, IPTV, PRO:IDIOM, DIRECTV
Tactile Dome Keys: Yes
QuickStart: Yes
Motion Controls: Yes
Numeric Keypad: Yes
Units Selection: Metric or U.S. Standard
Preset Programs: 16
Lose Weight Fat Burner Aerobic 4-3 Interval Heart Rate Zone Be Fit Manual Rolling Hills Mountain Peaks Hill Climb 1-1 Interval 2-1 Interval 4-1 Interval Heart Rate Zone Push Performance 1-4 Interval 1-2 Interval 5 K Heart Rate Zone
Maximum Pause Time (Pause): 5 minutes
Electronic Readouts: Total Distance, Distance Remaining, Target Distance, Total Calories Burned, Calories/Min, Calories/Hr, Mets, Watts, Target, Time Elapsed, Time Remaining, Time in Zone, Segment, RPM, Heart Rate, Average Heart Rate, Max Heart Rate, Target Heart Rate
Maximum Workout Time: 120 minutes
Heart Rate Monitoring
Touch: Yes. Touch heart rate sensors conveniently located on the handlebars in both the upright and road positions.
Telemetry: Yes. Integrated telemetry heart rate reads heart rate from a user’s heart rate chest strap.
SmartRate: No
Equipment: Powered
Personal Viewing Screen (PVS): Powered
U.S. & Canada 120 VAC: 120V/15A circuit with 5-15R NEMA receptacle
NOTE: P80 consoles work with a wired (Ethernet) internet connection. They do not work with a wireless (WiFi) connection
Max User Weight: 350 lbs. / (158.75 Kilograms)
Weight: 219 lbs. / (99.33 Kilograms)
Dimensions: 67″ L x 23″ W x 53.5″ H / (170.18cm L x 58.42cm W x 135.89cm H)


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