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Stairmaster SC5 Stepper w / TS1 Touch Screen Console


With a quieter step design, improved fluidity and essential cushioning for your joints, the new StairMaster® Stair Climber 5 is a gym grade, fat burning, muscle building stepper, well worth your time and money.  Its soft pedals offer the ultimate in stepping comfort, in order to protect your ankles and knees of the pressure from climbing.

This unit is preowned and in excellent condition. The unit is being sold cleaned and serviced.

This machine sells preowned elsewhere for as much as $3,700.

On this machine, the handles are ergonomically designed, which means users are able to climb naturally, with their back and hips in the proper alignment.

Generic stair steppers do not have the scientifically approved design that StairMaster machines have. Hunching your back too much, or not having proper foot spacing, can lead to lower back problems after heavy use on stair steppers of lesser quality. Serious buyers should go with StairMaster. They make the best steppers.

This is the type of pedigree you want in a premier stepper. A machine that comes from a long line of awesome steppers that have helps people across the world lose tens of millions of pounds. If you have any questions related to the shipping, price, warranty, or features of this StairMaster SC 5, please call us now. One of our fitness experts would love to assist you free of charge!

  • The new SC5 with TS-1 console includes an attractive and intuitive 10” touch screen console
  • Ergonomic side handrails
  • Step range: 1″-14″
  • Integrated iPod/iPad/iPhone connectivity and charging
  • Water bottle holder and accessory tray positioned within easy reach
  • Speed range of 26 to 174 steps per minute
  • Support for Polar wireless heart rate transmitters
  • Multistage fitness test, and 300-pound user weight capacity
  • SC5 Stair Climber measures 43” L x 27” W x 68” H, weighs 150 pounds, and carries the following warranties: 15 years on the frame, 3 years on parts, and 1 year on labor
  • Large 10” touch screen displays time, interval timer, level (1-20), heart rate, calories, floors climbed, floors per minute, watts, METs and workout profile
  • Integrated iPod connectivity with video playback, audio controls and charging capabilities
  • 10 programmed workouts include Quick Start, Manual, Fat Burner, Calorie Burner, Intervals, Bell-Shaped, Build, Mystery Challenge, Steady, and Heart Rate Zone Trainer
  • Fitness tests include Multi-stage CPAT Fire Fit Test and WFI Test Landmark Challenge engages users as they watch their progress up well-known landmarks from around the world
  • Smooth stepping action comes from the electronically controlled alternator with chain drive that precisely controls the pedal descent allowing a wide range of users to exercise smoothly within their comfort zones
  • One of the fastest ways to burn fat and give yourself a firm, sexy figure, is climbing stairs. Firemen have traditionally trained on stair climbers, because of their effectiveness and durability. Men and women at health clubs stand in line to use StairMaster® StepMills & Free Climbers, because they work very well.