Westside Plate Loaded Belt Squat Dynamic

The belt squat machine was invented by the powerlifting coach Louie Simmons in 1975. Louie says that the belt squat is a superior exercise because it overloads the glutes and hamstrings while providing traction to your lumbar spine.

In other words it makes you stronger and it rehabilitates your lower back all at the same time!

The belt squat machine has a cable device that comes up through the area where you are standing. The cable attaches to your belt and pulls the belt down to the ground.

If you use 200 pounds on the machine then you will have an extra 200 pounds of cable resistance pulling down on your belt.

The belt squat machine is unique because it lets you train the muscles that help you squat without having to put a heavy barbell on your back.

Research shows that it does as good of a job as regular back squats for recruiting the quads, hamstrings and glutes (1). It also provides a traction force to your lower back and helps to realign your pelvis.



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