Doing bodybuilding, mainly as an amateur, can be quite discouraging. Most amateur bodybuilders don't have a personal trainer, don't know what to do and what to avoid doing, as well as how to optimize their training and lifestyle for the best results. We, at Fitness Equipment Empire, focus on dealing with one of the first needs of both professional and amateur bodybuilders - the top equipment.

The dumbbells for sale are meant for fast and steady results, and they must be part of any athlete's workout set. Acquiring the perfect body takes years of hard work and commitment, and it engages significant changes in all aspects of life. More specifically:

Adopting a regular, sufficient sleeping program

Switching to healthier eating habits

Building a flexible, regular workout program

Giving up bad lifestyle habits, like junk food, alcohol or smoking

Continually informing on the best training strategies, most effective diets or about identifying and correcting the mistakes in either of these fields

The good part is that, as a bodybuilding novice, you don't need years for results to show up. When looking to lose weight or build muscle mass (or both), the results will come up pretty fast in the first phases. It only takes 2 to 3 weeks for visible effects to show, depending on the program being adopted, to the changes being implemented and to the athlete's genetic predisposition and determination.

But, beyond the first phase, things will start getting harder and harder with time. Having the best dumbbells for sale, being dedicated and hardworking will no longer suffice. What's needed is innovation. As the body will adapt to the program, for growth to be maintained, changes are required.

Build, adapt, overcome

The perfect workout program or the complete diet are notions that are time-dependent. They don't exist as absolutes, irrespective of the timeframe. An ideal workout program will cease to function correctly after a while because the body is changing and so does its needs. With that in mind, there are certain things you can do to boost your growth considerably, both in the initial phases of your muscle growth and later on when becoming more advanced.

1. Sleep more
The body needs rest for it to process the "trauma" the muscles are being subjected to during intense workouts. No rest means no growth. Try training every other day.

2. Eat more, eat smart
You need about 1 to 2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight every day, and you need carbs and fats to fuel your workout routine, as well as muscle growth.

3. Change your workout regularly
Introduce new exercises to shock your muscles, increase the intensity and continuously add more weight to the bar. Changing your program means forcing your body to adjust for it to keep up and adapt.

The best dumbbells for sale won't do if you're oblivious to the science behind bodybuilding, with everything that comes along with it. This is why Fitness Equipment Empire is the first and most crucial step towards greatness. But, eventually, it's all about you making the right calls.

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