Life Fitness Signature Series Olympic Plate Weight Trees
Life Fitness Signature Series Olympic Plate Weight Trees
Life Fitness Signature Series Olympic plate weight trees. These are in excellent condition. Retail for $600+ ea. new. $319 each
Ivanko Original M Series Olympic Plate Sets/Lots
Ivanko Original M Series Olympic Plate Sets/Lots
Original Ivanko M Series Olympic Plate Sets / Lots.  These are RARE, hard to come by and some of the most sought after Olympic plates in existence. 825 lbs.   -     **OUT OF STOCK** 10 x 45 lb. plates 2 x 35 lb. plates 6 x 25 lb. plates 10 x 10 lb. plates 8 x 5 lb. plates 6 x 2.5 lb. plates 970 lbs.  -     **OUT OF STOCK** 14 x 45 lb. plates 9 x 25 lb. plates 8 x 10 lb. plates 8 x 5 lb. plates
Hoist Olympic Plate Tree w/Olympic Barbell Holder
Hoist Olympic Plate Tree w/Olympic Barbell Holder
Store your weights in style with the Olympic Plate tree, engineered for durability and styled based on European design. You’ll be impressed with this piece of equipment’s ability to handle up to 1,280 lbs. These trees are in beautiful condition and retail new for $499.
This dual-sided plate tree stores weights of a variety of sizes on eight different pegs. This tree is approx. 4 ft. tall.

Key Features of the Olympic Plate Tree include:

  • 8 Weight Pegs: all pegs are mar-resistant and nickel-plated, allowing you to store heavy plates with ease
  • High Storage Capacity: store nearly 1,300 lbs. of weights on this plate tree
Olympic Barbell & Curl Bar Weight Clip Spring Collars Pair – New
Olympic Barbell & Curl Bar Weight Clip Spring Collars Pair – New
Pairs of Olympic Barbell & Curl Bar Weight Clip Spring Collars - New $15 per pair
Iron Olympic Weight Plate Sets – PREOWNED
Iron Olympic Weight Plate Sets – PREOWNED
Pre-owned iron Standard and CAP brand Olympic weight plate sets, priced to sell.  Condition may vary order by order. **OUT OF STOCK**   Sets Includes: 2 x 45's 2 x 35's 2 x 25 's 2 x 10's 2 x 5's  
BRAND NEW EMPIRE Black Oxide Needle Bearing Power Bars – Rated for 1,000 lbs.
BRAND NEW EMPIRE Black Oxide Needle Bearing Power Bars – Rated for 1,000 lbs.
BRAND NEW EMPIRE black oxide needle power bars with bearings.  Rated for 1,000 lbs. $259 each
BRAND NEW EMPIRE Black Zinc w/Stainless Sleeve Needle Bearing Bars – Rated for 1,500 lbs.
BRAND NEW EMPIRE Black Zinc w/Stainless Sleeve Needle Bearing Bars – Rated for 1,500 lbs.
BRAND NEW Empire black zinc with stainless sleeve needle bearing 20 kg (44 lb.) Olympic power bars.  28 mm., no center knurl, with 4 needle bearings per side.  This is a high-end, Olympic power bar rated for 1,500 lbs.  Perfect for all types of lifters and athletes.  Great for everyday use from beginners to the hardcore power lifter. **OUT OF STOCK**
BRAND NEW Empire 45 lb. Olympic Black Oxide / Chrome Sleeved Bushing Power Bar – Rated for 750 lbs.
BRAND NEW Empire 45 lb. Olympic Black Oxide / Chrome Sleeved Bushing Power Bar – Rated for 750 lbs.
BRAND NEW Empire black oxide handle, chrome sleeved, Olympic 45 lb. power bushing barbells.  This bar is rated for 750 lbs., has a 28mm. diameter and a medium knurl.  This bar is perfect for everyday use and for all of the major and basic lifts such as bench, squat and dead lift.  This bar is recommend for intermediate users.  We do have higher and lower grade bars available for sale.  
BRAND NEW Commercial EZ Curl Bars w/ Bearings
BRAND NEW Commercial EZ Curl Bars w/ Bearings
BRAND NEW Commercial EZ Curl Bars with snap ring.  These are of high-end quality and have bearings. $109 each  

Fitness Equipment Empire stocks a large variety of weights for sale. We have Olympic Weights, gym weights & plates, rubber covered plates, iron covered plates, rubber bumper plates, power Olympic bars, clip springs, and more. Our Gym/Olympic weights often come in lots and you can get either brand new or pre-owned weight sets.

These weights are all perfect for a commercial gym or even a robust home gym. Our extensive variety of weights for sale means that you can find the right equipment to cover your needs at any price point. We also have some commercial grade weight Hammer Strength Olympic plate tree stands perfect for easy storage of our weights as well.

Buy Olympic/Gym weights

Our variety of weight bars include stainless steel, black oxide, EZ curl bars with bearings, and a black oxide/zinc mix. You can get bars rated for 750 pounds, 1000 pounds, and up to 1,500 pounds for our heavy lifters.

When browsing our Olympic/Gym weights for sale and trying to determine which options are the best for you, try to keep in mind what matters to you most. Some weights come with rubber grips to ensure ease of transportation and use, others have an anti-roll shape to prevent your bar from getting loose on the ground, and some are designed for maximum shock absorption.

Some of the brands we carry include, Standard weights, Olympic KG Plates, Jade USA, Iron Grip, Troy VTX, Empire, Ivanko M Series, York USA Vintage, and more. As you can see, we offer the variety you need when shopping our Olympic/Gym weights for sale.

Many of these brands can be found in gyms across the country due to their high quality and reliability. We offer the best prices on a lot of these top brands and are happy to help you improve your gym’s weight selection.

Olympic vs. Standard Weight Sets

As you can imagine from the name, Olympic weights and bars are a step up from standard lifting sets. Often used for competition, these weights offer more adaptability and less disruption and spinning while lifting. Ideal for heavy lifting, Olympic weights offer several advantages over standard weights such as increased stability, better weight accuracy, and quiet, smoother lifting. Of course, with advantages like these, you can expect a higher price point. Depending on your needs, these benefits may outweigh the additional out-of-pocket expense.

When comparing standard plates against Olympic weights, you’re likely to notice the difference in the center hole size. Rather than a 1-inch space, Olympic weights have a 2-inch center hole. This difference in space makes the Olympic weight larger although weighing the same. This difference also prevents you from using a standard bar with Olympic plates.

If you’ve ever lifted a lot of weight using a standard bar, you may have noticed it bend. Standard weight bars just can’t handle higher weights. And this bend can throw you off balance quickly, leading to a potentially dangerous situation. Olympic power bars are safety tested and rated for 1,500 lbs. allowing you to bring out your Hulk smash without any worry.

Olympic Weights For Sale

If you are looking for specific brands, but don’t want to pay for a brand new set of weights, we also offer pre-owned weights for sale that will fit your needs. Pre-owned weight sets will be added to the site depending on availability so check, back often.

Browse the wide selection of Olympic plate sets and bars at the Fitness Equipment Empire. We carry new and preowned gym weights and power bars at a fraction of retail cost. Whether you are looking for a starter or complete set, we have options that can align with your lifting goals.

Please make sure if you purchase any of our weights for sale to always handle them with care as you do not want to hurt yourself or others, and should always maintain proper storage of weights in your gym.

Feel free to give us a call at 215-460-8025 or send an email if you have any questions. We are always happy to help you figure out the best setup for your gym or answer any questions you may have!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an Olympic Weight Set?

If you’ve just started lifting, it’s likely you’ve heard talk about Olympic weight sets and bars. What exactly sets an Olympic lifting set from your standard set? Here we’ll cover the differences between the two so you can decide which set is right for you.

What is the best value Olympic weight sets?

Factors that affect the price of Olympic weights:

  • Material – Most Olympic weights for sale are made from cast iron. However, some of them are coated with rubber. Those coated with rubber tend to be more expensive
  • Grip holes – There are plates with unique cutouts at the edge that give you additional places to grip the weight and come with a higher price tag.
  • Weight precision and accuracy – In most cases, cheaper weights are usually poorly calibrated compared to expensive ones.

What is recreational training?

Recreational training is training for leisure for those who do not participate in any major sports or games and helps to improve those who do it. Weightlifting can also be considered a recreational activity for most people who go to the gym just to keep fit. Many people describe Olympic weights and weightlifting as fun and still receive the other benefits that come with this type of training.

How to examine a used olympic barbell before you purchase?

The best place to buy a used Olympic barbell and other gym equipment such as Olympic weights is online. If you live in a place where people have yard sales, that would also be a great place to shop for a barbell. When shopping around, ensure that you know the different types of barbells and which one is good for you, especially if this is your first time.

Should you buy lbs or Kg weights?

This decision depends on your location and whether you are lifting weights competitively or not. If you live in the US, it’s easier to buy lbs plates because that is the standard measurement of weight in the country. If you plan on competing in the Olympics or other weight lifting sport events, you should buy Kg plates. What’s awesome is that you can find Olympic weights for sale in Kilograms if that is what you prefer. They start from 1.25-25Kgs.

Who can use Olympic weights?

Both trained and untrained persons can use Olympic weights. The term untrained is used to describe someone who doesn’t have any experience lifting weights. If you fall under this category, you should start slow with about three workouts per week and grow from there. An experienced person can start with four workouts per week and increase the number of reps per session.