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BRAND NEW Empire Prostyle Rubber Covered Dumbbell Sets

5-100 In 5 lb. Increments     

5-150 in 5 lb. Increments         

105-150 in 5 lb. Increments   


BRAND NEW sets of rubber covered Empire, round Prostyle dumbbells 5-100 lbs. These have 30 mm knurled handles, which fit perfectly into your hands and won’t hurt like skinny dumbbell handles do, when pressing heavier weights. These are of the highest quality; made of virgin rubber, accurate and simply beautiful.  These are full commercial grade, undergo a strict inspection process and we put them against any leading brand. We’ve sold a million + lbs. and have nothing but stellar feedback. Don’t waste $20,000 on another brand, when you can own these at a fraction of the price!

Dumbbell Racks Are Not Included.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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5-100 in 5 lb. increments, 5-150 in 5 lb. increments, 105-150 in 5 lb. increments


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