Cybex Classic Pullover Adjustable Model Extremely Rare


Cybex Classic pullover machine in excellent condition.  This specific pullover has a fully adjustable arm. This is something that we’ve never seen before and is am amazing feature . The personal adjustment gives the machine a very natural feel.

The pullover is one of the best exercises for the lats and back.  It’s unfortunate that very, very few are produced these days.  Companies are getting away from making machines for the serious trainer and more for the average soccer mom.  This is a heavy-duty machine that’s built like a tank, with a 300 lb. stack.  Very comfortable and not too tight like some pullovers.  The selectorized option is better in my opinion, as you can perform drop sets etc. with the pull of a pin, versus standing up and getting off the machine to change plates.  This is a very RARE, hard-to-come-by machine.