Cybex Dual Adjustable Pulley Cable Column Functional Trainer


Cybex VR3 dual pulley cable column functional trainer.  Some of the countless examples of exercises performed on this unit are bicep curls, tricep extensions, lateral raises, upright rows, glute kickbacks, hamstrings curls, deadlifts and more.  The dual cables allow you to perform exercises ISO or bilaterally.  This machine has a nice heavy 240 lb. stack and two pulleys per side, that can be used together or separately.  This allows you to perform dual cable exercises on one side of the tower.  Reverse flys, face pulls, lateral raises and the list goes on.  Or you can combine both pulleys on the same clip/attachment and perform cable exercises like you would on any other unit.  This machine is built like a tank and is extremely smooth.  You can perform every exercise under the sun with this machine.


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