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Cybex Plate Loaded Squat Press

Cybex plate loaded squat press in excellent condition. This unit is one of the best leg machines I’ve ever used, and thats no exaggeration. You can load up this machine with a ton of weight (literally), and never once have I had any knee or hip pain. It’s probably the closest to performing a squat as you’re going to get. The motion is extremely smooth and balanced from top to bottom. These are also very hard to come by pre-owned, and retail new for more than 2x as much.
The Cybex squat press has superior biomechanics in a space-efficient package. The Cybex squat press is the most space-efficient, user-friendly plate loaded line in the industry. The Cybex squat press accommodates users of almost any size and its superior design meets the needs of advanced users, without intimidating others.
Cybex science and design in a plate loaded line.
Who said hard core has to be intimidating?
Built tough to keep looking new.
Cybex Squat Press
Direct linkage system provides a variable resistance profile to ensure proper strength curve throughout the ROM.
Four-bar linkage mechanism maintains the correct ankle position throughout the motion.