Empire Elite Dual Adjustable Pulley & Half Rack Combination – Functional Training System – BRAND NEW


BRAND NEW, full commercial grade, gym quality, EMPIRE Elite Dual Adjustable Pulley & Half Rack Combination – Functional Training System. This machine is a combination of the two most popular pieces of fitness equipment in existence. Our design is inspired by the newly released Hammer Strength system, and sells at a fraction of the price. This unit is FULLY LOADED top to bottom. The half rack portion comes with band pegs, two tbar row attachments, plate storage, multi grip pullup bar, 2 J hooks and 2 safeties.
The dual adjustable pulley area has two extra heavy 265 lb. stacks, adjustable cables that extend to the floor, multi grip pull-up bar. The amount of exercises that can be performed on this system are endless! Bench press, squat, shoulder press, tricep push downs, lunges, upright rows, glute kickbacks and more!  Our Empire units have high tension cables, 2.5″ x 4.5″ rugged, 11-gauge steel and oval tubing for that extra beefy appearance and feel. This machine dissembles, making it great for commercial, home use or personal training facilities.
All of our Empire Strength units are capable of fully disassembling. We kept the end user in mind when designing them and realize that often these machines need to travel through tight spaces, as well as to provide optimal shipping prices.

Dimensions:  96Lx66Wx87H