Hammer Strength MTS Platinum ISO Lateral 8 Unit Strength Circuit

Hammer Strength MTS ISO Lateral 8 Unit Strength Circuit. These units retail for more than $4,500 each ($36,000 total), and are some of the best and most sought after machines on the market. This circuit is in great condition and great working order. The units are preowned and may show some wear. There is a unit here for each and every muscle group in the upper body. These units promote symmetry and each has 2 heavy, Kevlar belt driven weight stacks. This circuit is beautiful and hardcore all in one. This circuit is the foundation of any gym.

1. MTS Seated Leg Press
2. MTS Biceps Curl
3. MTS Triceps Extension
4. MTS Row
5. MTS Shoulder
6. MTS Incline Chest
7. MTS Decline
8. MTS Abdominal



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