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Legend Fitness Unilateral Converging Incline Chest Press 6002

Legend Fitness 6002 Unilateral Converging Incline Chest Press – Building strong upper pectoral muscles develops the separation between the upper and mid-chest, and creates a shelf-like appearance where the pec meets the clavicle. Training and building the upper chest is usually accomplished by performing incline presses with an Olympic barbell or fixed-weight dumbbells. Both methods are extremely effective and safe if precautionary measures are taken through the use of proper form and an occasional spotter. Enter the Legend 6002 incline unilateral incline chest press. Utilizing its biomechanically correct design, it can offer a few important benefits over performing incline chest presses with free weights. This unit is preowned and in stellar condition.  Machine has been cleaned, serviced and is ready to go. This machine sells new for as much as $2,900.

Perhaps one of the most important design features of the Legend unilateral pressing machines is that the user never requires a spot to perform a safe lift.  Each machine is equipped with spring-assisted lever stops that allows the user to safely re-rack the pressing arms at anytime, which is especially important when going to failure.  And since the initial lift-off follows the same path of motion as each rep, the user is never putting the shoulder joint in a compromising angle during any point of the exercise.

The arms of the 6002 help mimic free weight training with both converging and unilateral movement. The converging movement allows the grip to start wide and finish with the hands closer together at the top of the exercise. This allows for a more intense contraction of the upper pec. The unilateral movement forces each side of the chest to he held independently accountable for hoisting up the weight. This prevents the dominant side from letting the weaker side fall behind. Since both these handles are totally independent of one another, it also opens up the capability of performing alternating incline chest presses for added training versatility.

6002 Unilateral Incline Chest Press Features:

  • Dimensions: 62.5 L x 59.25 W x 56.5
  • Frame Construction: Heavy 11 gauge steel construction designed using CAD software to minimalize the use of fasteners, so that assembly only requires four bolts
  • Frame Fabrication: Welded and bolted with hardware that meets ANSI B18.3 specifications for maximum stability and longevity
  • Weight Sleeves: Extra-long for loading up to 9 plates on each side
  • Weight Plate Storage: Includes eight chrome weight plate storage pegs in the back for easy loading and offloading
  • Handles: Closed cell foam handles will not absorb moisture
  • Bench Angles: Easy pop-pin adjustments to35, 38, 42 and 45 degrees
  • Seat Adjustments: Pop-pin height adjustments to accommodate different size users
  • Movement: Allows converging bilateral incline chest presses and unilateral incline chest presses with independently moving handles that wont let the stronger side compensate for the weaker side
  • Spring Loaded Lever Stops: Pop-pin allows for six different handle height settings in 1 increments to accommodate different body sizes, training styles or those with limited range of motion due to injury, etc.
  • Safety: Spring assisted lever stops insure that handles will not surpass the starting point on the negative which allows safer workouts compared to free weights
  • Bearings: Heavy-duty pillow block bearings with lubrication nipples insure consistently smooth rotating arms at all times
  • Assembly: Easy four bolt assembly
  • Bench Headers: Optional customized padding headers with your logo are optional and available upon request
  • Padding: 2″ thick rebond foam with 8 lb. per cubic foot density
  • Finish: Chip resistant powder coat
  • Color Availability: See drop down menu or color chart below
  • Uses: Installation in the harshest commercial weight rooms is highly recommended
  • Installation: Fits through a standard 36 wide door when broken down
  • Ship Weight: 406 lbs.
  • Proudly Made In The USA

What are the benefits of purchasing a Legend Fitness 6002 Unilateral Incline Chest Press?:

  • Allows both bilateral and unilateral incline chest pressing movement
  • Converging handles allow for maximum contraction at the top of the press
  • Heavy-Duty, maintenance-free steel frame for maximum strength
  • Holds up to 9 plates on each side to accommodate the strongest lifters
  • Weight plate storage included for easy loading and unloading which is ideal for partner training or drop sets
  • Safe to use without a spotter
  • Perfect for performance training, powerlifting and bodybuilding
  • Commercial quality and can be introduced to any environment


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