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4 Stack Jungle Gym w/300 lb. Stacks

Features:Up to 4 individuals can work out simultaneouslyAvailable stations include:

Triceps Pushdown

Lat Pulldown

Low Row

Adjustable Pulleys

Frame Construction: U.S. made mechanical quality steel purchased in mill run quantities to assure the best consistency.  Oval tubing with 11-gauge thickness (.120 wall) with fully weld main frames insure premium construction and aesthetics.Movements: Exercise path is defined by the user for variety of exercise positions and advanced results.Weight Plates: 1” solid steel weight plates, rear weight stack shrouds, pulley covers, low friction, self-lubricating, weight plate bushings to minimize noise and friction.  Magnetic weight pin for easy, secure adjustments. Incremental add on weight system is stored on the frame of each machine.  Dual Adjustable Pulley and Single Station machines have dual weight stacks for ISO-lateral movements.Guide Rods: Stainless steel weight stack guide rods.

This unit is preowned and in excellent condition.  Unit is shipped cleaned and serviced.  To purchase a 4 stack new, you’re looking at $11,800 with a ridiculous lead time.  Own it now at a fraction of the price.