Life Fitness Pro 12 Unit Total Body Strength Circuit

Life Fitness Pro Total Body 12 unit strength circuit in very clean, beautiful condition and in perfect working order. The Pro line by Life Fitness is by far, my personal favorite and this seems to be the case all around. I like it because they are designed well, built like tanks, have extra heavy weight stacks, are super smooth and still have some of that hardcore factor that is lacking in the industry today. In addition to them having the hardcore factor, they are also beautiful, have small footprints and aren’t intimidating to women or the beginning user. This circuit is perfect for any setting whether a home gym, personal training studio or high traffic commercial gym. These units have been cleaned, serviced and are ready to go. Why spend 3x more for new equipment with a 12-17 week lead time, when you can buy the same thing NOW in similar condition.

Life Fitness Pro Circuit blue 12 piece:
1. Leg Extension
2. Lateral Raise
3. Arm Extension
4. Shoulder Press
5. Low Back Extension
6. Hip Abductor
7. Hip Adductor
8. Prone Leg Curl
9. Seated Leg Curl
10. Pec Fly Rear Delt
11. Leg Press
12. Assisted Dip & Pull-up