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Matrix G3 Assisted Dip & Pullup Machine

Matrix G3 assisted dip & pullup machine. The assisted dip and pull-up machine has many uses and will train an array of muscle groups, including but not limited to back, shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps and even legs!  I see many women at the gym pressing down on the platform one leg at a time in order to train the legs and glutes. This unit is excellent for a warmup and also great for burnouts. Great for in the beginning or at the end of a workout. It’s also great for building overall strength and working your way up to body weight dips and pull-ups. When you get to that point, simply bring the assist portion to the floor and perform free weight dips and chins. This unit also has swivel handles for wide and close dips, and also multi grips for pull-ups and chins. The machine is in perfect working condition.