Nautilus Inspiration Lock & Load Platinum 12 Unit Total Body Strength Circuit & Gym Package

Nautilus Star Trac Inspiration and Impact 12 Unit Total Body Strength Circuit & Gym Package – Silver frames with black upholstery. These are BEAUTIFUL machines and are the latest and current models available by Nautilus. There is a machine for each and every muscle group. These machines were purchased new by a small personal training center and have had little use. All units have the latest Lock & Load weight stack Technology.  This circuit is priced incredibly well, far below retail, and is a phenomenal buy for any home, studio or commercial facility.

Circuit includes:
Star Trac Inspiration
1. Leg Extension (Instinct)
2. Leg Curl (Instinct)
3. Lat Pulldown
4. Tricep Extension
5. Seated Dip
6. Bicep Curl
7. Row
8. Chest Press
9. Lateral Raise
10. Shoulder Press
11. 45 Degree Linear Leg Press
12. 3D Max Rack Smith Machine