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Technogym Artis Run Treadmill

Its seamless design and defined ergonomic standards elevate the training experience to the next level. Connectivity and guided training routines make it more exciting and personal than ever. And its unique cushioned surface gives you a superb and natural running sensation.  Artis Run embodies the very essence of running…indoors.  This machine sells new for $18,000+. It sells elsewhere preowned for more than $6,000. This is a top of the line unit loaded with technology. Units are cleaned, serviced and in excellent condition.


  • Running in its purest form
    Inspiring design. Exhilarating training routines. The most natural feeling possible. Artis Run elevates your indoor running experience like nothing else.

  • Feel the difference
    Skillrun turns on when you step on. Powered by sensors and a smooth, well-cushioned belt, you’ll feel the perfect bounce as the surface adapts to your running style. Change settings on the fly with all controls at hand. Welcome to the most versatile, superior training experience ever imagined.

  • Easy settings
    The two Fast Track Control levers are always at hand, making speed and incline changes a breeze. You can also program them to switch rapidly between different speed levels, for instant interval training profiles.

  • Optimal Stride
    The cushioned surface adapts automatically to your running style. Enjoy the sheer pleasure of running on one of the widest surfaces available. And it’s smooth and quite at any speed.

  • Optimal View
    Nothing is left to chance in the treadmill’s design. Not even the inclination of the cardio console, which has been defined by scientific research to be the most optimal for posture and comfort.

  • Safety and maintenance
    We’ve added some illuminating features to Artis Run. The red light indicates the belt is still in motion, so you’ll need to wait until it stops before stepping on. Green light flashing? There are still miles of workout ahead, but it’s time for a checkup.

  • Wireless Charger
    It’s tough to plan your night out after working out when you’re battery is out of juice. Not a problem with Artis Run. Just place your compatible device in the tray and recharge your battery. Social life saved!

  • Smart watch ready
    Use the Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 to login to the equipment, track your activities and heart rate.

  • Smart, connected running
    Expand Artis Run’s potential with the mywellness cloud platform. Track workouts seamlessly. Find your assigned programs on the treadmill. Monitor the equipment status remotely, and much more.
    Discover mywellness

  • Superb, by design
    The beauty of Artis Run is deeply embedded in the idea that form doesn’t only follow function: it embraces it with its smooth curves, sleek and essential geometrics that cascade impeccably across the entire Artis cardio and strength collection.

  • Available in light or dramatic shades
    Artis exceptional style is available in two colors blend seamlessly into your space. Choose from Diamond Black, with its dark gloss details, or Carbon Grey, that brings contrast between a shiny inlay and subtle matte finish.CONNECTED TRAINING
    Guided running routines. Accurate replications of your favorite outdoor tracks. Infinite entertainment. Instant login to pick up your running experience just where you left it. And an Android-powered, new 21.5” Full HD Unity™ console that partners with your enthusiasm to take your miles further.

  • Targeted Routines
    Run with instructors guiding you step by step toward your goals. Each routine is built to reach them faster, more effectively and all while boosting your motivation.

  • Virtual Trails
    Explore the great outdoors, indoors. Watch the landscape change as run across breathtaking scenery.

  • Myrunning Logbook
    Tracking your outdoor runs? Run them again indoors, with the MyRunning Logbook feature. Beat your own records as the treadmill accurately reproduces outdoor gradients.
    Compatible apps: Runkeeper, Strava, MapMyFitness, Garmin, and Polar BEAT.

  • Running Challenges
    Ramp up your workout and challenge your friends to train side by side with you. Push your legs over the finish line and leave them eating dust.

  • TV and More
    Watch TV, Netflix and YouTube in stunning on the brilliant full HD display.

  • All Your Apps
    Each time you log in to the console you’ll find your apps just where you left them: social networks, internet browsing, news and more.TECH SPECS
  • Programs: 34 Programs | UNITY Display
  • Workouts: Goal Driven, Heart Rate Driven, Profiles, On-Trend, Sub Maximal Tests, Maximal Tests, Military Tests
  • Speed: 0.5-15.5 mph
  • Incline: 0%-15%
  • Heart Rate: Telemetry and Hand Sensors
  • Belt: 23″ x 60″
  • Motor: 8.0 hp Peak
  • Deck: MyFlex Cushioning System
  • Input Voltage: 110 -240V | AC 50-60Hz
  • Amperage: 20 Amps
  • User Weight Capacity: 485 lbs.
  • Weight: 474 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 82″ L by 35″ W by 63″ H