Nautilus Inspiration Lock & Load Platinum 12 Unit Total Body Strength Circuit & Gym Package
Nautilus Inspiration Lock & Load Platinum 12 Unit Total Body Strength Circuit & Gym Package
Nautilus Star Trac Inspiration and Impact 12 Unit Total Body Strength Circuit & Gym Package - Silver frames with black upholstery. These are BEAUTIFUL machines and are the latest and current models available by Nautilus. There is a machine for each and every muscle group. These machines were purchased new by a small personal training center and have had little use. All units have the latest Lock & Load weight stack Technology.  This circuit is priced incredibly well, far below retail, and is a phenomenal buy for any home, studio or commercial facility.
Circuit includes:
Star Trac Inspiration
1. Leg Extension (Instinct)
2. Leg Curl (Instinct)
3. Lat Pulldown
4. Tricep Extension
5. Seated Dip
6. Bicep Curl
7. Row
8. Chest Press
9. Lateral Raise
10. Shoulder Press
11. 45 Degree Linear Leg Press
12. 3D Max Rack Smith Machine

The Benefits of Circuit Training

We know the value of circuit training and how it can build endurance while conditioning the body. By alternating exercises that target different muscle groups you can build strength, increase your heart rate, and improve metabolism-all leading to better physical and mental health.

Adding circuits packages to your commercial or personal home gym is a great way to round out a fitness routine. And with customized gym equipment packages, you can create circuits that focus on cardio, strength training, weight management, or target specific needs such as sports or rehabilitation. Fitness circuits are incredibly versatile and add value for your clients or your personal workout regime.

What Equipment Is Needed For Circuit Training

Circuit training is a highly intense workout involving resistance and endurance. We offer gym package equipment for strength and total body circuit training. This gym equipment can help improve muscle definition, cardiovascular strength, speed, and flexibility. You will not get bored with models such as Cybex Eagle 9 Unit, MedX 5 Unit, Nautilus Nitro Plus-17 Unit, and Precor Discovery 13 Unit.

Gym Equipment Packages Made for You

The beauty of gym equipment packages is you can build them as complex or minimal as you need. From a full 17-piece gym package to total body 5-piece circuits packages, you can adapt your training system to what you need.

When starting out, a lot of people wonder how to create the best circuit to meet their needs. To maximize circuit training, include machines that focus on areas such as:

  • Abdominals
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Glutes
  • Legs

When using proper form, press and pull down machines are excellent for arms, back, and abdominal area. Adding a triceps curl machine can further build and shape the arms. Leg press machine or hip extension machines can firm the glutes, hamstrings, and quads. The combinations are completely up to you. For assistance, we’re here to help you customize the right gym equipment package for you.

Fitness Equipment Empire – Circuit Packages

Fitness Equipment Empire is your independent retailer specialized in circuit and gym equipment packages for commercial and personal use. Our inventory of pre-owned fitness equipment gives you access to some of the best circuit packages for a fraction of the price.

With Fitness Equipment Empire, we offer the tools that can help you get more out of your workout and meet your health and fitness goals all at a discounted price. With our extensive inventory of gym equipment packages, you can build a commercial grade gym customized to your needs.