Elite FTS 45 Degree Multi Adjustment Hyper Extension


. If you want to be strong, you’ve got to develop your low back, hamstrings, and glutes. Few pieces of training equipment can hit these areas like the 45 degree back raise.

At elitefts, the norm is not good enough. In order to go above the norm, we’ve given this back raise an extra wide base to match squat and pulling stances, a wide range of heel and hip pad adjustments for multiple lower back and abdominal movements, and a wide hip pad to accommodate all sizes and foot placements.

This unit is great for:

  • Wide-stance and close-stance back raises
  • Weighted back raises
  • Side torso bends
  • Wide-stance straight-leg sits ups
  • Arched-back back raises
  • One leg back raises
  • Banded back raises
  • Banded abdominal training


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