Tired of loading up a barbell and grabbing a cushion pad to do hip thrusts? Well, our hip thrust machine will solve all of those problems!

Our Hip Thrust machine provides a great range of motion, isolating your glutes and eliminating the constant hassle of readjusting a barbell to focus on those booty gains! This machine retails new for $4520.

Benefits & Details of our Hip Thrust:

  • Starting at the top of the movement puts you in a stronger position.
  • Adjustable hip pad.
  • Less pressure on hips with a pad compared to a belt.
  • Full length back pad for lower back support and comfort.
  • Footprint is approximately 65″ x 40″
  • Stainless steel weight pegs
  • Polished aluminum diamond plate platform
  • Product Weighs Approximately 340 lbs



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